Netmore Connected Buildings

A robust building connectivity solution for residential and commercial buildings

Control your property, offer best experience to your tenants 

Netmore Connected Building is a concept for property owners designed to supply the connectivity for both landlords and tenants. In today’s world having control over the technical systems in the building ensures both efficiency and tenant satisfaction. Being able to provide reliable connectivity for tenants, increases revenue and ranks among TOP3 factors to choose the office or apartment.

Wireless connection for both property management and tenants, connected with wired equipment and separated into several different networks for different purposes.

 Locally connected equipment communicates on the internet or via closed networks accessible from the outside even when the connection is made with dynamic private IP addresses locally.

Connection to telephone network so that for example door phones via SIP can establish call to public telephone numbers around the world

The solutions architecture:

PiiGAB M-Bus picks up a wireless sensor and can send data

Ethernet POE- entry system phone is connected and can make a call via wifi to the indoor unit in apartment

SIP-connection of door phone with the ability to call any telephone number in the world

Wifi for property caretakers and guest network

Connection via fixed internet with dynamic IP

Wifi management and autoconfiguration of Wifi profiles

Service port for accessing all networks via Ethernet or Wifi for property caretakers (for example, can be used during commissioning or troubleshooting and then shut down)

Bring your property to next level with Netmore professional team.